Providing a space for guests to be creative, silly, and enjoy themselves – alone or in groups – is a wonderful addition to a wedding – another source of entertainment for everyone!


We’ve all seen traditional photo booths in malls, stores, and parties – small boxes with a curtain and friends piled in one on top of the other. I take a slightly different approach to my photobooth in order to provide my clients with the highest-quality experience possible. My booth is “open-air,” meaning there isn’t a small box to cram into! Instead, I provide a larger area with a backdrop and room for family and friends to spread out, expressing themselves with a variety of costumes, props, and poses.


My booth is set up with a top-of-the-line DSLR camera (and operator), allowing for beautiful, high-resolution pictures to be taken on the spot. We set up each photobooth with professional-grade lighting to ensure your guests are beautifully lit and look their best. I work hard to bring you fabulous image quality throughout your wedding experience, and the photobooth is no exception!



How does it work?

1. Initial Consultation
I will work with you one-on-one before the wedding to choose a convenient location for your photobooth that’s easy for guests to find while also not distracting from the main events. Some venues may have rules about where a booth may or may not be set up, so it’s best to plan your booth well in advance to prevent any last-minute surprises!

2. During the Event
I will provide an assistant photographer to manage the booth at all times during your event. Having a photographer at the booth will also ensure your images are safely backed-up and all equipment is working properly during the event.

3. Viewing & Prints
Brett Alison Photography does not provide any on-site printing services due to the logistical difficulty and extreme sacrifice in print quality. Instead, I will display your digital photobooth images in an online gallery just days following the event, with a link to send to guests. Professional quality prints will be available for purchase through the online gallery, or guests can download their photographs at high-resolution (FOR FREE) and print their own images! You will receive all photobooth images on USB with the rest of your wedding images.

Other options:
If you would like a backdrop to coordinate with your wedding colors/theme, that can be an optional add-on (or if you’d like to be crafty and make a backdrop of your own, that is fine too!)